Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint – Top Picks And Reviews Of 2023

Paint sprayers are good because they allow you to quickly and effectively cover a selected surface with paint. There are several types of best paint sprayer on the market, including latex paint sprayers and best airless paint sprayer for latex paint. We have a tendency to suggest that you focus on a latex paint sprayer due to the various benefits they offer. Let’s take a look at some of the explanations for buying one!

First of all, latex paint sprays are capable of providing a superbly smooth surface. This is usually something that can be difficult to achieve with a roller or brush. Secondly, latex paint is best for the environment, as it is non-toxic. Plus, it’s much easier to wash off if you make a mistake. Finally, it dries tremendously fast, making it a great alternative if the weather isn’t on your side. As you will see, latex paint sprayers are very useful indeed.

What better place to start than with our five best airless paint sprayer for latex paint  reviews! Here you will find a great product that fits your budget. It will also remain our shopping guide, presenting all the good options to consider and other helpful information as a way to get the most out of your new spray paint purchase.

Buyer Guide

It is dangerous to choose among the many great paint sprays on the market. For that reason, we provide this shopping guide to help you narrow down your choices. You’ll find all kinds of information here, starting with the biggest benefits of buying a latex paint sprayer.

1.Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Paint Sprayer

A very close and favourite product is the Graco product. It’s Graco’s X5 wine bottle holder that’s also an associated congested paint sprayer. Whether you operate indoors or outdoors, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you only have a high level of management. 

This can be achieved through the adjustable pressure that is thought of after having had a variety of different arrivals. Since you’ll likely be transporting this latex paint sprayer from place to place, it’s smart to understand that it’s a sturdy build. Made of metal, it should be able to handle bumps or scratches without any problems.

Weighing in under twenty pounds, the X5 mount isn’t the lightest of paint sprayers. We have a tendency to think this product would have fun on wheels. If mobility is a priority for you, we recommend that you look elsewhere. At the very least, there’s a handle that adds a mobility component. Another feature mentioned in the price is the PowerFlush adapter which attaches to the hose for a convenient upgrade. 

There is also a SwitchTip associated with a filter on the handle inside the applicator that works to avoid annoying quotes. Although there is only a 1 year warranty for manufacturer defects, we are confident that this rubber based paint sprayer can operate safely.

  • Suitable for a good variety of products thanks to the adjustable pressure.
  • Durable metal construction which should facilitate longevity.
  • Connects to garden hoses for quick and easy cleaning.
  • SwitchTip and the filter in the handle prevent potential obstacles
  • At nearly twenty pounds, this unit would enjoy the wheels
  • Only 1 year limited warranty, but better than anything else

2.Graco Magnum 262800 X5

A Latex paint sprayer that works well in all indicated areas, it’s no wonder the Graco X7 Trolley Wine Bottle is our first choice. This congested paint sprayer has fully adjustable pressure to control the flow of paint. There is no need for a fine paint before using this product as the stainless steel piston pump allows you to spray undiluted paint at high altitude. 

Such options make this option really affordable. Another example of this is often the fact that the adapter can be attached to the hose, which makes cleaning much quicker and easier.

While those square gauges are some of the more commodity options, there are a variety of square gauges of smaller things that make building the X7 wagon easy. In particular, the flexibility of reversing the tip once it freezes are some of the things we tend to like. We have a tendency to also like the home button which is fast and reliable.

As a result, it can be a reasonably powerful unit, it certainly is a great facet. It weighs twenty-six pounds and has dimensions of nineteen x fifteen x 37 inches. This weight is considerably heavier after considering a painting tool. Luckily, the cart includes a handle and 2 sturdy wheels, so mobility isn’t a retarder. For all of these reasons, this may be the simplest latex paint sprayer on the market.

  • Adjustable pressure to regulate the flow of paint.
  • I don’t have to paint thin before use
  • Cleaning is easy as you will connect the adapter to the hose.
  • Commissioning is fast and reliable
  • This is quite a large and meaningful choice.

3.Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO

The high-power Titan ControlMax no ventilation eliminates the worry of spraying without ventilation, making it easier to color a professional type. The new nozzle technology of the HEA system reduces overspray by up to a fifty-fifth providing a smoother spray, better handling and an additional uniform finish.

AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER: The ControlMax 1900 professional is designed for the serious do-it-yourselfer and handyman, making it easier for one type of professional to color and apply coatings 3 times faster than a roller. Excellent for mass painting, comes as home exteriors, fences, decks, garages and extras.

HIGH POWER VENTLESS TECHNOLOGY – This paint sprayer features HEA technology which reduces overspray by up to a 55th providing a smoother spray, better handling and provides a more consistent finish. This ControlMax sprayer contains an easy-to-apply working pressure of 1600 PSI, sprays up to five hundred gallons annually, all-metal gun options, and uses fifty feet. flexible hose (can extend up to thirty meters for greater range).

  • One to ten inch spray patterns for various paint spraying tasks
  • It weighs only 11.2 pounds less than airless paint sprayers.
  • The spray gun is good and light, suggesting less hand fatigue.
  • The plastic construction means it’s not that sturdy

4.Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Latex Paint Sprayer

TrueCoat 360 Ventless portable sprinklers will stain or paint your outdoor furniture in no time. Enhance the charm of your home while it serves to preserve and protect your outdoor furniture from the sun and bad weather. Outdoor furniture will fade and look tired when there are a couple of seasons of intense sunshine and heavy rain.

Easily breathe new life into outdated or tired furniture in your home with a TrueCoat 360 portable ventless sprayer. Simply get smooth, even coverage in all nooks and crannies and clean areas and be done in a fraction of the time compared to employing a brush. and a roller.

A beautiful entrance hallway will create a press release and set the tone for the rest of your home. Angled panels and ornate accents are no problem once you’ve used a TrueCoat 360 portable ventless sprayer. You’ll finish this simple project in brushing or rolling time for a perfect, even finish.

  • Very light which makes it comfortable to use.
  • Easy to use with nozzles that will change quickly.
  • It has nine completely different speeds for greater dexterity.
  • There is a lot of overspray so cleaning is needed.

5.Titan 0580009 ControlMax 1700 Latex Paint Sprayer

The ControlMax 1700 is meant for the do-it-yourselfers and serious handymen, making it easier to paint some sort of pro and apply coatings 3 times faster than a roller. excellent for large paintings such as home exteriors, fences, decks, garages and more.

High Power Non-Aerated TECHNOLOGY: This paint sprayer features HEA technology which reduces overspray up to the 55th providing a softer spray, higher handling and providing a more consistent finish.

This ControlMax sprayer holds 1500 PSI working pressure, sprays up to three hundred gallons annually, options combine an all metal gun, and uses a linear unit of thirty. hose (can be extended up to eighty linear units. for greater flow rate). Sprayer lasts up to 3x longer than competitive sprayers and contains a rebuildable fluid section to increase sprayer life. It’s backed by the industry’s best and longest two-year warranty

  • Versatility offered with completely different spray patterns
  • The lightweight construction means there is no fatigue on your hands or slippery joints.
  • Comes with a 2-year restricted warranty
  • Not designed for any price other than light paint spraying

5 Reason To Buy Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint

  1. With latex, you can have super sleek surfaces that look beautiful. So, whether you’re painting bedroom furniture or some DIY crafts, latex will make these things beautiful.
  2. It is non-toxic, so it is higher for the atmosphere. This means it will simply work without the need to worry about poisonous fumes and the like. This tranquility cannot be underestimated!
  3. Easier to clean which saves time and mess! no one wants to pay hours to improve the finish once the paint has been sprayed. As such, latex is suitable for quick and easy presentations without any effort.
  4. Quick drying is suitable if you are in a hurry. Some materials will take all day to dry, however the latex will dry at intervals of an hour or two so that the whole project can be finished pretty quickly.
  5. You can use it for water-based paints. Although this buying guide refers to water-based paint sprayers, they can spray all kinds of materials. We tend to love the flexibility this tool offers.

Which Type Of Paint Sprayer To Buy For Latex

There are three main types of paint sprayers to consider: enclosed paint sprayers, compressed gas sprayers, and HVLP paint sprayers. All those guys have models that can handle water-based paint, however some of them fuck more than others! One of the most common types is the nearby paint sprayer. Taller models of this type usually allow you to spray the latex without having to dilute it beforehand. 

Thinning out the fabric means you’ll need to apply over a coat that can be long. While latex is usually easier to scrub, it’s even easier with the Associate Paint Sprayer in Nursing HVLP, which is generally believed to be easier to scrub. In short, the most effective type is the nearby paint sprayer or the HVLP paint sprayer.

Key Latex Paint Sprayer Features

Following are the features of latex paint sprayer must read out.

Adjustable Settings

When you spray your latex paint, you would like to be able to vary the spray speed, pattern and thickness quickly and easily. This allows it to adapt to completely different surfaces and to have the required impact. Adjustable settings are accessible on most paint sprayer models, so this may be something you’ll be cleaning up. We expect you will love the flexibility this feature offers.

Garden Hose Connection

It’s not such a flashy feature due to the adjustable settings, however tube binding is no less useful. This allows you to connect the latex paint sprayer to the hose. The good thing about this is that updating is faster and easier. And considering that latex paint is already relatively easy to wash off, that suggests it will improve much less as a result.


The size of your paint sprayer can be anything from portable to something the size of a small vacuum cleaner! This largely depends on the type you choose. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that you take the time to think about where you will be the victim of your latex paint sprayer. If indoor and outdoor victimization comes to mind, you will like many mobile products. Rather, the choice of power suggests an even greater unity.


The bigger the paint sprayer, the heavier it will be! After all, this often comes down to the materials used in its construction. Many paint sprayers these days are made from plastic, although those high-end products are made from metal. Again, you get to the point where you want to use the latex paint sprayer. If you find it on the go, a light product pays off. However, the power suggests a heavier unit. Perhaps it is better to find a balance between the 2.


Related to size and weight is the capacity of the latex paint sprayer. This refers to the amount of paint it will hold immediately. The higher the capacity, the less often you will have to choose refills. Rather, it jointly suggests a heavier unit. Again, this often depends largely on your personal preferences, so take a lot and painstakingly decide what you’d really like.

How To Use Your Paint Sprayer In 10 Steps

  1. One of the main things you need to do is prepare the surface you want to spray. This suggests washing the surface thoroughly and letting it dry completely.
  2. Overspray is sometimes a used item once a paint sprayer is used. Unless you want the entire space to be covered in paint, then you need to cover the objects in your environment.
  3. Due to overspray and therefore paint fumes, a face mask must be worn. Goggles and protective cover are also highly recommended for your safety.
  4. It’s a good plan to apply your latex paint spraying technique before starting the intense stuff! Experiment with completely different spray patterns, etc.
  5. Spraying from one facet to the other should provide a nice and consistent finish. The tip should be six to 12 inches from the surface and keep an even distance.
  6. It is smart to spray in sections as this can limit the amount of moving products you need to try to make. This makes the job much more manageable.
  7. You may need to apply a coat of latex paint, noting what type of paint sprayer you’re using and how smart the model is.
  8. Let the surface dry for a long time. Fortunately, latex doesn’t take long to dry, so you just have to leave it on for several hours.
  9. Clean the paint sprayer thoroughly when you use it. This ensures that you are prepared for the next time you would like to use it and helps the merchandise live a little longer.
  10. Spray painting has a learning curve, so repeat what you did above and how you can improve your results next time.

Conclusion of Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint;

The benefits of latex sprays are varied, so rest assured that you are creating a good option. The hardest half is finding the merchandise that best suits your wishes. By victimizing our latex spray reviews and in-depth buying guide, you should save yourself a lot of time and energy and have a good product soon.

A really positive problem is the indisputable fact that paint sprayers are perpetually square. We find it fascinating to examine more powerful but somehow more mobile units that measure squared. Overspray is reduced as technology improves and costs have become more competitive on an annual basis. Without needing to mention it, this could be a great time to purchase a product that will serve you well for years to come.