Best Airless Paint Sprayer Under $300 In 2023 [Buying Guide]

Are you looking for an affordable airless sprayer? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best airless paint sprayer under $300. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right paint sprayer for your needs. So, whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, read on for our top recommendations!

Is there anything more satisfying than completing a painting project and admiring your handiwork? Whether you’re new to painting or a seasoned pro, using an airless sprayer can make the process easier and faster.

In this blog post, we’ll recommend three of the best airless paint sprayers under $300. So whether you’re looking to update your home’s interior or exterior, read on for some top-rated options!

Irrespective of how much money you spend, you will always want a specially selected paint machine that is reliable, durable and has good features. We’ve compiled this exclusive list of airless paint sprayer reviews for you.

Our Top Picks

Wagner FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer
Wagner FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer
Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer
Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer

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What is an Airless Paint Sprayer? How Does it Work?

Airless paint sprayer is perfect for anyone who needs to cover an expansive area with a single coat. They’re much quieter and smoother than traditional air-powered equipment, which means you can work faster without disrupting your neighbors!

One of the most significant advantages of airless paint sprayer is that they can apply a smoother finish than traditional compressed air-based sprays. Airlessly powered equipment also has less noise compared with their counterparts, making them an excellent choice for locations where you want to minimize exterior noises like on your home or business property!

Airless paint sprayer offer a variety of uses. One common use is to apply exterior house paints, but they can also be used for priming and other purposes on various surfaces such as machinery or equipment in industrial settings!

Tips to Use Airless Paint Sprayer – Summary

When painting with an airless paint sprayer, make sure to follow these simple yet important tips for perfect results every time!
First off- hold the device steady and move at consistent speeds; this will avoid overspray.

Secondly, wear proper safety gear including dust masks or protective glasses when using them because you don’t want any pesky particles getting into your lungs which can be caused by airborne reactions during operation (yikes).

Thirdly always clean after each use so as not to add more problems.

How do I choose the best airless paint sprayer?

Airless sprays reduce the time and stress required for a small or larger painting job, with flawless coverage all the time. Our research has determined the best airless sprayers in each category and the best is determined primarily by the model, tip size, flow rate, weight, and ease of use.

Based on the above list, corded models are favored among users for their high velocity and their ability to operate for hours on end. Often the cordless models provide adequate color cover, while often using batteries that require varying paint durations.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Airless Paint Sprayer?

When buying a airless paint sprayer that uses an airless motor it is advisable to consider the size of the spray tip, paint hose and pressure created by its airflow.


The filters have tips that ensure proper paint flow into the hose. These also eliminate all junk particles from painting to prevent tip or nozzle obstructions. Filters will not be cleaned unless they are used frequently. If you clean your filters more frequently, you’ll need to replace them.

Most airless painters have an airless paint filtration kit installed, but the filters will need replacement. When selecting filters make sure their sizes are suitable. While fine filters catch debris more effectively, as well as prevent clogging, it restricts painting fluidity.

Adjustable pressure

You can adjust the pressure on airless spraying equipment to suit your needs. It may also be set up to be higher for large tasks such as painting a number of walls of a house, which will cause the spraying machine to coat it faster.

For a more intricate painting job, such as an accent piece, a baseboard can have a lower pressure setting that controls the spray more accurately. Airless Paint sprayer has adjustable pressure to cover many different tasks. The tips are simply adjusted to your pressure. This will stop clogging the airflow or limiting it.

Size and weight

The weight and volume of your airless sprayer will not change its overall performance, but it could still affect your usage. Airless spray paints using cordless batteries are light, compact and extremely portable. The cordless sprayer has a heavier motor that may be more expensive.

The heavier ones are best with long hoses to prevent them from moving. A stationary airless paint sprayer is also available in carts. Mobile versions are located on single floors. You must carry the truck on a ledge and then climb the stairs or the trailer.

Hose length

Depending on what type of spray you want, you will need an airless hose. The cordless paint sprayer has no water connection, so you are free anywhere you want. In cordless models hoses need to be attached so when spraying a stationary spray, the hose should have enough room for the pump.

No standard hose length is included in the sprayer. Keep in mind that longer pipes require more energy to pressure the sprayer; a 200-meter – long pipe is not suited for a large air-less sprayer.

Tip Size

The tip of an airless paint sprayer controls width and speed. Using a larger tip is better for thinner liquids. A tip too fine can cause swollen skin. Some sprays have different tips, others include merely a single or two. The sprayer can also include an air-flow guard to stop clogging spraying surfaces. The types of work you do using the Airless Paint Sprayer often require a new product. Tipp size varies from 0.09% inch to 0.022 inch and increases by an inch per piece.

Flow rate

Airless sprayer’s flow rate expressed as the volume of paint applied at the same rate is measured. This specifies the maximum sized tip. The tip should flow a little below the maximum flow rate in a paint spray machine for proper functioning. When the tip has too large a splatter tool cannot supply all the necessary paint to achieve a good coat. But this is normally non-problematic when residential projects are small since the scope is too small.

Maximum year-round usage

Think about your paint job plans for next season and make sure the maximum annual usage for your sprayer meets this task. Airless spraying equipment has a recommended annual maximum of 50 gallon of paint used daily. In cord sprayers, the amount is between 250 to 400 gallons. There is virtually no cordless sprayer available.

Features to look for In Quality Paint Sprayers

Before you get started with your new painting sprayer, there are certain factors to consider. This list is something worth thinking about prior to making a purchase so that your project has the perfect model.

Spray type

According to the type of project you need, sprays are incredibly important. Generally, sprays have airless sprays and High-Volume, Low-Pressure sprays. Airless sprayers do not have compressors but generate much pressure to evaporate paint from the nozzles.

HVLP systems use less paint. It’s ideal for painting larger projects including interior walls and fencing. Spraying machines used in detail require an improved appearance. You then enter specialty spraying machines like cup-to-top or gravity-injected sprays. The car painting prefers it. Usually, you use sprayers with compressors.

Power, flow rate, PSI

Spray guns are meant to be an effective solution for mixing paints and creating pressure to move dissolved fluid through a paint tip. Using brushes is faster, smoother, and less wasted. The HP determines the pressure produced by the engine’s turbine or piston.

Your flow is based on the amount of paint that’s being absorbed through this machine. This rating helps you determine which sprayer is best for your application. A higher-powered system may easily turn up lots of paint to be used quickly on larger projects.

Size, Weight & Portability

For many homeowners who want big jobs like painting the exterior of their home, they need an automatic machine. Some larger models sit on tables with fewer reach hoses. It is necessary to paint one area and stop.

The spraying machine can have wheels or rolls in the cart for easier transportation. The light weight machine is ideal for workers who work at higher elevations, upstairs, downstairs, or higher levels.

Included Accessories

For cheaper prices some sprayers lack accessories. Frequently you will need additional hoses, larger paint containers, bigger tips, or even protective equipment. Adds value based upon options with which the item is bundled with the order. Despite the initial cost being more, the price is generally similar to buying everything in separate units.


All settings on the sprayer can be adjusted. Except in horsepower, your sprayers should be equipped with controls that can be controlled via dials or electronic panel. The larger the unit, the greater the paint spraying ability and the more power you will have with the final product.


The cost will also affect your selections. You should be looking for sprayers with high performance and low price. However, your budget needs a lot more consideration when it comes to how many uses it can provide. The cost is not too high for sprayers if they only use one.

Ease of use & cleaning

The cleaning process in a sprayer is essential. The spraying device has to be cleaned daily. Some models require multiple cleanings a week. It’s easier to clean with a garden hose attachment.

Application/Coverage Area

A further aspect to consider would be the scope of your projects. When it comes to painting interior or exterior walls or fences, you may want to avoid battery-powered alternatives.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Under $300

Finding a top quality sprayed paint for less than $300 is no easy task. It’s difficult to decide which option will provide the results you want at home and in business. I recommend first selecting a job and researching all the possibilities available including price and reviews. Considering the size of spray should also affect this decision.

Firstly, check what gallon capacity it has. Averages range from 3-4 litres per minute. Next, check out the paint tools available to you in the computer. Latex paint is generally the only available option for your needs.

1. Graco Magnum X5 Stand Paint Sprayer

In detail, the Graco Company has applied high-quality steel to build its Magnum 262800 X5. Because this material is super strong, the device will last for a long time. In addition, this steel can does not rust, so you can store it anywhere, anywhere without worrying about a thing.

Its fully adjustable pressure to give you maximum control of paint flow for any size project. A flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket.

Normally, after using a poor-quality spray gun, it can take about an hour with a lot of effort to clean. However, with these Graco magnum x5 revisions, you only need about 10 minutes to get the job done.

Why is this machine so easy to clean? Just take a look at your Power Flush adapter! This item allows you to connect it to your garden hose for stronger and faster flushing. As a result, you can quickly clean the machine.

Annual usage recommendation is up to 125 gallons per year, can hold up to 75 feet of paint hose, giving you extra reach for your projects.

Graco 262800 X5 is quite flexible, as it can be applied to a wide variety of materials. For example, you can use them on acrylic or rubber to completely remove the stain. However, the application of solvent-based lacquer block fillers or textured particulate materials can make the surface worse.

Another cool thing about this sprayer is its pressure knob installed right next to the inlet tube. This equipment allows you to adjust the pressure output to release an adequate amount of paint to perform your tasks.

When you buy these brands of airless paint sprayers from Graco, you don’t have to worry about them being difficult to use or transport. The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 includes a bracket that holds the unit in place and is easy to move. In addition, the size of this paint sprayer model is also very compact, easy to store anywhere you want.

  • Under 3000 psi pressure, a 75 feet long hose
  • As compared to its benefits, low cost
  • Unbeatable performance and a one-year warranty
  • Piston seals are fixed, the piston cannot be replaced


2. HomeRight Power Flo Pro Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight Power-Flo Pro 2800 is widely regarded as the best airless paint sprayer under $300 available on the market. The unit can deliver paint through the high-pressure spray gun.

Material is sprayed directly from the tip of the gun, making it easy to achieve a high-quality finish. Users can count on the machine to paint a wide variety of structures, including walls, ceilings, barns, fences, and roofs.

The product allows users to do painting jobs almost effortlessly and saves a significant amount of money by eliminating the need to hire a contractor. It is well suited for DIYers, maintenance personnel, and property managers looking to keep buildings and other structures in excellent condition.

The machine is easy to use even for first-time users. It comes with simple switches and buttons, which control various functions.

The unit’s suction tube is designed to draw paint from the container at a rapid rate to improve overall efficiency and performance. It was manufactured by HomeRight, a brand known for its high-quality airless sprayers.

The company has been operating for more than 25 years. This enables you to develop innovative machines that deliver amazing results without compromising affordability, versatility, and reliability.

  • Warranty of 2 years with onsite service
  • Heavy-duty paint sprayer for commercial use
  • Includes a high-quality spray gun
  • Support is difficult to obtain for this decent paint sprayer


3. Wagner Flexio 890 Paint sprayer

Flexio 890 paint sprayer is ideal for applying a superior finish on furniture, walls, ceilings, cabinets, trim. The turbine sits on the ground, keeps weight on the ground, and reduces hand fatigue for long projects. It then delivers air energy through the hose to spray undiluted coatings.

Portable Paint System – In general, the entire system is extremely portable in the sense that it is easier to transport. For this reason, it gives you the freedom to wear it for an extended time without getting tired too soon. So you have it to take if you have a larger surface to hit.

 The iSpray nozzle is ideal for spraying larger jobs and the Detail Finish nozzle is best for small projects and fine finishes. Spray patterns include horizontal, vertical, and round.

There are also several adjustable settings for your leverage and eventual commitment. Use these settings to vary the pace and intensity of the paint output. Its configuration is comparatively easier to handle and adjust than many of the competition’s sprayers. You don’t need to have a large amount of manpower or skill to hire them.

Cleaning your spray gun is quick and easy. Additionally, the turbine base can store both the hose and two nozzles for easy and portable storage.

  • A paint sprayer with a reasonable price by Wagner
  • The unit that can be used for multiple purposes
  • A high-quality finish is to be expected
  • To prevent clogging, proper care must be taken


4. Graco TrueCoat 360 paint sprayer

The Graco TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer is made just for DIYers who want to finish their jobs quickly. That means it’s Graco’s fastest electric airless paint sprayer with added perfection.

Variable speed control lets you set the pace for maximum control of your project; Reversible spray tip allows you to reverse tip when clogged to continue spraying

New innovative technology for airless machines. Squeeze out all the air to spray evenly in all directions. You will achieve a perfect uniform finish every time.

Durable storage case protects sprayer while keeping tips and accessories organized, stainless steel piston pump lets you spray undiluted paint at high pressure

The annual usage recommendation is up to 25 gallons per year. FlexLiner bag replaces traditional material cups, reuse or recycles when done

The on-board tip storage feature allows you to quickly switch between 4- to 12-inch spray tips. Both tips are provided with the spray unit.

 A reversible anti-clog tip is equipped on the TrueCoat 360 sprayer. This reversible tip can quickly clear all clogging material and get back to work.

  • A patented bag feature and professional paint results
  • Solid compact design for added durability
  • Affordable price for all painters
  • There is a problem with the length of the electric cord on the Graco 360
  • Quite noisy

5. Titan High-Efficiency Airless Sprayer

ControlMax 1700 is designed for the serious DIYer and handyman, making it easy to paint like a pro and coat 3x faster than a roller. Perfect for painting large projects such as house exteriors, fences, decks, garages, and more.

It has HEA, a new high-efficiency Airless state-of-the-art technology system that reduces overspray to a minimum. When a sieving spray is applied, overspray is reduced to 55%. The improved control and solid grip spray gun also provide a more controllable and uniform finish.

This ControlMax sprayer has a maximum operating pressure of 1500 PSI, can spray up to 300 gallons per year, features an all-metal gun, and uses a 30-foot hose (can be extended up to 80 feet for greater reach)

Titan ControlMax 1500 has a 0.55 horsepower motor, enough power to spray thick materials easily. It has a rebuildable fluid section that maximizes the life of the unit. Plus, that stand-like design keeps all the weight on the ground, giving you full control in your hands.

The sprayer lasts up to 3 times longer than competitive sprayers and has a rebuildable fluid section to extend sprayer life. It’s backed by the industry’s best and longest 2-year warranty.

  • HEA sprayer at a low price
  • Overspray reduced by 55 percent
  • Pump with Superpower durability
  • A great warranty
  • The use of unthinned latex can cause clogging

6. Graco Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

It’s another great sprayer that works wonders. The Graco 257025 Painter plus project is a multipurpose paint sprayer that can reach up to a two-story building without compromising performance.

For any project, fully adjustable pressure allows you to accurately control paint flow; the RAC IV switch tip lets you reverse the tip when clogged, so you can keep spraying.

The Graco 257025 Paint Sprayer will give you a professional finish faster and easier. Infect, you can paint up to 10 times faster with brushing and rolling.

With the stainless steel piston pump, you can spray undiluted paint at high pressure. Compatible Tip Size (Inch): 0.009, 0.011, 0.013, 0.015. You can spray directly from 1 or 5-gallon buckets with a flexible suction tube.

Graco Project Painter Plus is extremely versatile and straightforward to use. This spray gun is capable of spraying various types of paint without thinning.

The annual usage recommendation is up to 50 gallons per year. Additional storage compartments provide space for storing the spray gun, additional spray tips, and power cord

 The PowerFlush adapter connects to a garden hose for quick and easy cleaning. Can support up to 50 feet of paint hose to reach peaks or second floors without diminishing performance

  • Graco SG2 Paint Spray Gun included
  • Suitable for larger areas and wider coverage
  • Budget-friendly paint sprayer at a good price
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • It is not ideal for small spaces or detailed work

7. Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer for non-professionals, giving them a chance to lay down their hands before going to a more advanced upgraded unit. It is the Goplus airless paint sprayer. It is designed to deliver professional results.

The 000 psi piston pump is perfect for high pressure and better coverage. When compared to traditional paint tools, this airless paint sprayer will finish the job faster and more efficiently.

Its lighter weight makes it a pretty good paint spray for easy portability. Through the handle on it, you can carry it more comfortably.

This machine is easy to clean after use. Run a solvent or water cleaning solution through the sprayer until all paint or stains are removed. It can be easily transported for everyday use due to its lightweight design.

No matter its small size, the Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer can still fetch paint straight from the 5-gallon container. Which makes it more suitable for spray painting or large projects.

This high-efficiency airless paint sprayer makes it easy to paint like a pro. Get the power to tackle your biggest weekend projects – decks, exterior walls, roofs, doors, and frames. This sprayer does it all.

You can adjust the outlet pressure according to your needs. Fully adjustable pressure to give you maximum control of paint flow for any size project. It can help you finish different projects with just one tool.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed for 100% of our customers
  • A small airless paint sprayer at an exclusive price
  • A powerful machine that delivers 3000 PSI
  • Not made in the USA

8.Titan ControlMax High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan ControlMax 1700 cheap Sprayer is designed for serious DIYers and handymen, making it easier to paint like a pro and apply coatings 3X faster than a roller. For painting large projects such as home exteriors, fences, decks, and garages, this high-efficiency sprayer puts a professional touch on your project without the professional price tag. 

Controllable from the handgrip, the stainless steel nozzle provides a pattern range from an even, smooth finish to a tight, detailed spray. With the ControlMax 1700, your home and projects will be protected for years to come.

By harnessing the technology of HEA (High EfficiencyAirless) paint sprayers, Titan Control Max 1700 is able to achieve maximum painting precision and achieve professional results with less wastage.

The Titan Control Max 1700 is a value-packed sprayer that can be used for a wide range of applications. The Titan Control Max 1700 is a lightweight, compact sprayer that supports multiple spray guns and is ideal for any size job. 

After 3 years of research and development, the Titan Control Max 1700 Airless Paint Sprayer is a dramatically different way of thinking about paint sprayers. This paint sprayer uses HEA technology that reduces overspray by up to 55% while providing a softer spray, improved control, and more consistent results.

Titan’s ControlMax 1700 is a high-efficiency, gas-powered, airless paint sprayer that sprays a wide range of coatings. Contractors, painters, house flippers, and other professionals needing to spray a variety of coatings for larger projects can use this system.

The sprayer has an adjustable nozzle that provides 0 – 60 psi fluid pressure, a stainless-steel fluid nozzle, and a 1.9-gallon fluid recovery container. 

The sprayer for under 300 dollars comes with a 4-stage filter, a 9-inch poly paint pail, a 3/8-inch nozzle, a 4-in. fan tip, and a 30-foot (extendable up to 80 feet) hose. It has a 1 HP motor, can spray up to 300 gallons per year, and has a max operating pressure of 1500 PSI. The sprayer features a 1.6-gallon fluid capacity and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Titan Airless Paint Sprayers under 300 dollars are designed for professionals and serious DIY painters. Titan sprayers are built for maximum durability and efficiency. The ControlMax 1700 is designed for professional contractors to paint a wide range of interior and exterior jobs. 

The ControlMax 1700 features a high-efficiency motor that outperforms competitive sprayers. The ControlMax 1700 is backed by Titan’s 2-year warranty, unlimited technical support, and an extensive network of authorized service centers.

With a 2-year warranty, the Titan ControlMax 1700 is an airless sprayer that provides maximum efficiency and a long service life.

  • The extended life pump
  • Control of flow modification.
  • Spray patterns vertically and horizontally.
  • It is not suitable for professional painters.

9. Graco TrueCoat 360 VSP Hand Paint Sprayer

Graco’s 17D889 TrueCoat 360 VSP Hand Paint Sprayer. With this efficient, lightweight spray nozzle with a patented high-performance virtual battery and an LCD screen with rectangular foot coverage, you can paint easily and accurately.

 Variable speed management allows you to decide the pace of final management in your project. The reversible spray tip allows you to reverse the tip while it is locked to hold your spray

The durable garage case protects the paint machine while maintaining prepared recommendations and additives. With a stainless steel piston pump, you can spray at high pressure without diluting the paint

Sprays in all directions and can spray thicker materials with an adjustable nozzle with a smart, soft car feature, including wood putty and sealant.

VacuValve creates an airtight gadget that can spray at any angle, even upward. The annual usage tip is up to 25 gallons per year

The Graco TrueCoat 360 VSP Hand Paint Sprayer is suitable for depicting difficult surfaces such as handles and staples while maintaining advanced control.

Up to 60 PSI can be applied to the pump head with stainless steel pistons. This guarantees maximum efficiency and long life for this powerful sprayer.

  • Cheap price.
  • 360-degree spray.
  • 25 gallons are used annually.
  • Included are four 42 oz FlexLiner paint bags.
  • Paint flow is variable
  • Problem with short cords

10. Earlex HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer

The Earlex Spray Station 5500 is designed for demanding woodworkers, light contractors, and car enthusiasts. Ideal for use in the workshop, around the home, or on the activity website

The HV5500 is the right sprayer for painting, painting, and finishing woodwork ventures. The HVLP spray system delivers over-stretched paint, stain, or lacquer circulation to the focus area without the use of solvents or mixed media.

With the professional metal spray gun under 300 dollars and a 650-watt turbine, you can finish small to medium jobs, including doors, cabinets, shafts, decks, furniture, and engines.

This is safe for both internal and external software. The HVLP device can provide an even spray sample with minimal overspray. With the HV5500, users have the option of spraying horizontally, vertically, or spherically.

A handy delivery handle and built-in hose storage keep small ventures easy and accessible. Cleaning is easy with this green HVLP sprayer. 1 qt. The professional steel spray gun is coated for professional effects on smaller tasks.

  • Easily navigable
  • It is easy and quick to clean
  • Clean the spray gun with water and let it dry.
  • Spraying paint is very easy to control
  • It is not recommended for large rooms.


It is important to consider the needs of your project and decide what you will paint first. After that, pick the airless paint sprayer. All of the above-mentioned paint spray machines were selected by experts.

They all are highly versatile and cheap price. On the list of top 8 airless paint sprayers under $300, the Graco Magnum X5 Stand sprayer has the highest rating. So make your decision and buy it now. With the value-added of painting crafts, you will be pleasantly surprised.


What is the best airless paint sprayer for home use?

Airless paint sprayers provide a finer finish with more performance at a faster speed. They are usually used for larger projects. With the extension of your applicator, you can reach high areas with less fatigue. High-rated Graco X5 airless paint sprayer with 20-inch tip.

How much airless paint can I use in a year?

Graco recommends this airless paint sprayer for homeowners with annual painting needs up to 125 gallons. It is suitable for use inside walls, ceilings, ceiling fans, and doors, as well as siding, decks, and fences.

How does an airless paint sprayer affect production?

An airless paint spray tip comes with a set fan pattern and aperture size. The larger the opening, the more fluid will be delivered, which can result in higher production. Also, the larger the fan pattern, the faster you can cover a given product.

Do airless sprayers use more paint?

Airless paint guns are highly popular but can cause more wasted paint than any kind of paint gun. Your typical sprayer may use 40 percent less of your paint when used correctly.

Tell me the best paint for airless sprayers?

The Airless Pain Sprayer is able to spray with oils. HVCLP sprayers work with oil paint although thicker paint like water-based latex could block the sprayer.

Do I need to thin paint for airless sprayer?

The airless spray gun is suitable for Latex paints and some do not require any thickening. Paint may be applied directly to the paint can.

Is it better to spray or roll exterior paint?

It is easier and safer to roll or spray in your house than spray. A house roll helps avoid the risk of excessive spouting.

How do I get a smooth finish with latex paint?

Generally latex paint is not possible unless it is thoroughly cleaned and repaired. Start out by sponging the walls with a cleaning solution with water. Nails or cracks in the wall should be filled using a packing solution and brushed.