Best Budget Automotive Paint Gun In 2021

Having a new paint job on your car can make your car look better and give you a sense of pride. Many people who restore cars are surprised when they find out how much an automotive paint job can cost. The solution to an automotive paint job that doesn’t clean your bank account is to do it yourself.

Our Top Picks

NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun

NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun
DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP

DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP
Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

Beginners can paint cars, but you need the best budget automotive paint gun to do a quality job and create the smooth finish you want. The following paint sprayers are the best budget automotive paint gun and have the features to do a great job

List Of 5 Best Budget Automotive Paint Gun

Image Product Brand Price
Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

Astro Pneumatic Tool

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TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP

‎TCP Global

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SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

‎California Air Tools

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NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed

‎Ridgerock Tools Inc.

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DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP


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1.Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

The paint container for this kit can hold a full quart of paint, lacquer, primer, or automotive finish coating of your choice. The cup does not drip, so no paint will flow out of the cup into your hand or through the air hose when you change the angle at which you hold the gun.

The instruction book included with this paint sprayer is very detailed for a beginner to understand exactly how to assemble, set up, paint and clean the paint sprayer. Each step is thoroughly explained and there are tips and hints that can help you quickly learn to paint like a pro.

Cleaning this paint sprayer is very easy to do. It is recommended that you clean the equipment thoroughly after each use and when changing materials or paint colors.

  • Light
  • Flake aerosols
  • Non-corrosive parts
  • Consumption ratio 50/50
  • Hard-to-reach HVLP settings

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2.TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP Spray Gun

This is not just a car spray painter, it is a set of spray guns designed to allow you to paint your automotive parts with whatever coatings you want to use. He can easily apply your base coats and primers, clear coats, paints, and more with professional quality and results.

The 3 paint guns have different tips and each is ideal for different coating materials. The 1.4mm tip is ideal when applying your base coat or clear coat. These are medium to light viscosity materials that this tip is perfect for.

The 1.8mm tip is perfect for applying your primer, oil-based coatings, and latex coatings. These are medium to high viscosity coatings.

The 1.0mm tip should be used when painting in a very tight spot or when you need to touch up.

Two of the three pistols, the 1.4mm and 1.8mm are full-size pistols, and the 1.0mm tip is a smaller pistol so you can get into those tight spots. The guns are easy to install and just as easy to disassemble and clean.

  • Choice of three different spray tips to dispense a wide range of paint and coatings media.
  • Lightweight metal construction with durable aluminum paint cups.
  • Suitable for the occasional home enthusiast to professional, automotive, and industrial users.
  • Dismantling guns for cleaning can be challenging at first.
  • The added expense of a compressor if you don’t have one.

3.SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun

A lightweight auto paint gun, this gun’s body is made of aluminum, as is the 0.41-oz paint holding cup. The gun body only weighs 13.5 ounces. Using this tool for extended periods will not cause arm or hand strain.

It has a pressure range of 44 PSI to 58 PSI. 60 PSI is the maximum pressure of this paint gun. It has an air consumption ranging between 4.2 CFM and 6.0 CFM at a working pressure of 30 PSI.

The fan pattern produced by this spray paint gun ranges between 5.5 inches and 7.5 inches. You can dial it down to get those narrow and hard-to-reach sections and dial it up to paint larger body sections.

With an easy-swivel paint container, you can easily position and rotate it and stop worrying about the paint leaking.

This paint can be used for automotive, marine, industrial, and wood projects. It can handle a wide variety of paint materials and finishes so every project you do use it will have the best possible outcome.

  • Good price
  • High efficiency
  • Adjustable fluid fan pattern
  • Not the strongest spray pattern

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4.Neiko HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

This is one of the best automotive HVLP spray guns and it’s built to do the job you need. It has a stainless steel nozzle that resists rust so it can be used and cleaned repeatedly and the gun cap is made of solid brass so it will provide service for a long time.

It’s a classic, high-volume, low-pressure design that is gravity-fed. It has three adjustable valve knobs to adjust the pressure, flow, and pattern of the paint and coatings you are applying.

This paint sprayer has 40 PSI working pressure and 10 PSI working pressure. Requires an air compressor to deliver 4.5 CFM.

It can be used to apply a variety of paints, including automotive paints, such as metallic basecoat primers, regular primers, lacquers, urethanes, paints, and home paints and finishes used on wood, drywall, and other surfaces.

It comes with a 20.3 fluid ounce paint container that is made of aluminum, a metal-air gauge/regulator, a cleaning brush, and a multi-wrench to help you assemble and disassemble. You also get a 1.7mm color-coded nozzle, painter, and instruction manual.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Balanced
  • Affordable
  • No stainless steel parts
  • 1 nib size only

5.DeVilbiss StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

This is the entry-level paint sprayer that will allow a beginner to develop painting techniques and skills. It is very easy to assemble and use, so a beginner is not confused by many settings that he does not fully understand.

It is a great homeowner to use a paint sprayer. You can use it to paint a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, drywall, and more. It can be used both indoors and outdoors with adequate ventilation and protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask.

You can use it to apply primers, paints, urethanes, lacquers, stains, varnishes, and any substance that is the right thickness and speed. Some thicker latex paints and primers may need to be properly diluted before they can be used.

It comes with a full-size high-volume low-pressure gun and a high-volume mini low-pressure gun. The mini HVLP is equipped with a 1.3mm tip which makes it perfect for details and intricate work. You also get an air adjustment valve, a 1.0mm tip, and a molded carry and storage case.

  • Durable,
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Easy to clean
  • The tips are very tight
  • Prone to leaks

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