Top 10 Best Primer Spray Guns In 2023 – Top Ranking Reviews

Whatever texture your painting project, one or more coats of primer is usually a necessary last step. And if you’re thinking an applicator makes sense despite paint varieties, review it. For a professional looking paint finish, having the simplest primer applicator is a top priority.

Primer spray guns are available in many alternative specifications and options. Selecting “the one” that best suits your preferences is not easy. So, to make your decision easier, here’s the complete buying guide for a guide and review of the simplest primer guns.

There are many primer spray guns on the market, and everyone may become Confused, so we collect the list of 10 best Primer spray guns for you to purchase this year.

List Of Best Primer Spray Guns

1.Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun is Adjusts up to Associate in Nursing’s fan size of 11 “to Associate in Nursing distance of 8”, reducing work time and providing clean, even coverage that a brush simply can’t match.

Hold the gun at any angle with multiple fill levels while maintaining proper suction and no paint spilling from the can.

The included manual explains a way to find your air supply, dial within the 4008’s adjustable fan size, fan shape, material speed, and successfully paint any substrate.

  • Easy to use basic applicator
  • Various fluid nozzles
  • Precision machined air caps
  • Work for every house and machine arrives
  • The control knobs don’t seem to be sturdy
  • Cleaning is difficult

2.Astro EUROHV109 EuorPro

EuroTech solid HVLP applicator with plastic cup and solid body for longer tool life Anodized body for corrosion protection Coated internal passages Chrome steel needle and fluid tip Smooth end for quicker and easier cleaning.

Lightweight: 325 grams (0.7 lbs) Distinctive HIGH power pattern designed for good coverage, better overlap. Low overspray (bounce), good transfer power, superior atomization

  • Various options for the size of the nozzle tip
  • Multi-purpose style
  • Fits in any vehicle and comes heavy.
  • The complete set includes an upgrade brush and a multi-size key.
  • Some uncontrolled area units too narrow
  • The association of the tubes is not usual

3.Graco-Sharpe 288882 HVLP Spray Gun

The Graco-Sharpe 288882 HVLP FX3000 paint applicator requires a compressor and regulator to operate. 

Ideal for high-gloss lacquers, this paint applicator is efficient and practical. great for bigger jobs, it’s a must in any workshop or garage.

It comes with gigantic paint equipment that is paired with a unique style of air valve to form the most effective use of the paint cup. 

With its special styling, Astro Gas Tool 4008 reduces paint leaks, which leads to zero mess during operation.

  • One liter airtight cup capacity
  • Unique style of the air valve
  • Fully adjustable fan management
  • Anti-leakage air supply line
  • The cup should remain fairly full.

4.Campbell Hausfeld Spray Gun

If you want the high power of an HVLP partner paint applicator without having to shell out a fortune for the kit, Joseph Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose is “the one.” 

This primer applicator comes with an easy-to-use kit that matches most automotive and furniture paints.

More significantly, if most of your products need thin paint, this best primer applicator is your semi-permanent companion. In general, the dew is strong and strong; you wouldn’t want an inordinate amount of force to harness it.

However, for the associated HVLP primer applicator, this Joseph Campbell Hausfeld is not that strong in the industry. There is still a small amount of air associated with it and you will end up swapping the mouthpiece tip very frequently.

  • Easy and easy to use kit
  • Works best on light viscosity materials
  • The spray is powerful and sharp.
  • Breaking and cleaning are easy
  • A small collaborator in nursing.
  • The tip of the nozzle is not that strong

5.wata IWA9233 Spray Gun

AZ3HV2-20GC HVLP Applicator with 2.0 Nozzles Options and Benefits 9233. Redesigned Performance Low Reasonable Value Applicator New Lighter Body of Applied Science Smooth Trigger to Reduce Fatigue New Polished Surface for Easier Packing of Economical Center Gravity HVLP Applicator.

Pattern width: 14 “; twenty eight PSI; 12.0 cfm; Usage: HS primer. Iwata 9233 AZ3HV2-20GC HVLP applicator with 2.0 tip size.

  • Specially designed nozzle with 3 tip options
  • Three completely different management buttons
  • High performance filter
  • High precision “CNC” machining center
  • Replacements are expensive

6.NEIKO 31216A HVLP Spray Gun

If you’re trying to find a type of house painter that fits everyone, the Neiko 31216A might be a smart plan. This best primer applicator offers versatile performance for every medium and industrial paint job.

The reason behind their prowess is their offer of spokespersons. You’ll opt for 5 nozzle tips: 0, 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, and 2.0, so in short, there’s nothing this device can’t cover. 

As it is easy to switch between nozzles, it is true that the Neiko 31216A could be a multipurpose applicator that will account for most priming eventualities.

  • Various options for the size of the nozzle tip
  • Multi-purpose style
  • Fits in any vehicle and comes heavy.
  • The complete set includes a cleaning brush and a multi-size key.
  • Some nuts are too tight
  • Pipe binding is not normal

7.TCP Global Brand 2.5mm

TCP International Full HVLP Qualified is the reasonable applicator you will need to spray thick paint. This also explains why it is equipped with a pair of 5mm fluid nozzles. 

Don’t worry about a serious paint filler primer; The internationally evaluated HVLP protocol activates you as several overrated applicators.

Since it is common to spray coarse materials in general, the Priming Gun TCP has extremely adjustable control knobs. You will simply change the fluid handling, spray pattern and gas pressure, allowing you to carry out your work in a smoother manner.

  • High performance HVLP applicator
  • 5mm fluid nozzle for spraying extremely coarse materials
  • Control knobs for full adjustment
  • Uniform and completely atomized jet
  • Can leak a little around the cup.
  • It is not easy to get rid of the cap.

8.Dynastus Touch Up Composite

This applicator may be a compound gravity feed HVLP applicator designed to spray all light to medium consistency materials. suitable for soluble paints and aerosol paint types, dedicated to the automotive repair industry, high quality furniture and diversified precision instrumentation requiring fine surface finishes.

Requires a minimum 3/4 power unit mechanical device, HVLP (high volume low pressure) to drive a higher end and save paint, super precision external combine cap for excellent pattern.

Three integrated dispensing knobs: fluid management adjusts the amount of paint sprayed, pattern management adjusts pattern size, and the air adjustment valve allows you to adjust the airflow.

  • Smooth and uniform jets
  • Suitable for all types of primers
  • Balanced style of the air valve
  • Ability to spray thick paint
  • Tips for limited nozzles

9.BANG4BUCK High Performance HVLP

BANG4BUCK HVLP Square Gauge Gravity Feed Air Applicator designed to provide the quality, atomization, and application speed specified for giant manufacturing desires.

It is great for “do it yourself” trying to find and refurbish your vehicle and alternative items.

The stainless steel needle and nozzle can accommodate a variety of coatings. Precise set of 1.4mm / 1.7mm / 2.5mm chrome steel nozzles and needles.

Pattern Adjustment; Rotate the pattern adjustment knob to the correct position until it is tight, which can make the spray pattern spherical, or turn it counterclockwise to create an oval spray pattern.

  • Automatic painting / primer system
  • Ability to spray the entire range of coatings.
  • Suitable for base coat, clear coat and top coat
  • Compact kit with all requirements
  • The spray pattern can be a bit inconsistent

10.TCP Global Professional Gravity

TCP world high performance HVLP applicator complete with 1.4 metric linear unit fluid tip, metric capacity unit metal element cup and air regulator. 

The fluid nozzle of the 1.4-metric linear unit is suitable for full atomization once bases, clears, single-stage and various materials of light to medium consistency have been sprayed.

The spray gun has management knobs for full adjustment of the spray pattern, fluid management and atmospheric pressure. Contains a set of stainless steel needles and nozzles. 

The gun incorporates a full baffle head assembly that allows it to deliver a fully atomized and uniform jet for a smooth and elegant finish.

  • Good for spraying medium to high viscosity materials
  • Versatile a pair of 1.4 nozzle tips
  • Complete assembly of the deflector head
  • One year warranty on all items.
  • The air regulator is large and therefore incorrect.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider to Buy Best Primer Spray Guns

Buying the simplest primer applicator will be overwhelming, especially if you’re about to be your first applicator. This is why you should inspect these options before settling down with your buying decision.


A normal paint sprayer does not need to be checked. However, this isn’t the case if your goal is to get a primer applicator. totally different primer guns are available in different thicknesses. 

For this reason, you will need various controls to adjust the paint flow and speed flow.

In particular, home paint and car paint have nothing in common when it comes to painting and speeding up the flow. Adjustment is therefore a crucial issue in confirming that your tool is flexible enough for your paint jobs.


Another issue to consider when buying a primer gun is its weight. Since you will need to keep the tool for some time once it is up and running, a portable primer gun would certainly be a much better option.

Portability also manifests itself in the technology and convenience you need to have under control. However, if you’re looking at a powerful HVLP primer gun, expecting it to be lightweight isn’t always possible.

Ease Of Clean And Maintenance

Unlike general spray guns, primer guns offer many cleaning options. Some of them are easy to clean; some others are not. For an easy primer applicator, you shouldn’t have to open it all the way to clean it.

It is also an honest plan to own a priming gun that will connect to the hose. you will have to clean your tool once it works and you will not enjoy paying an inordinate amount of time to do a repetitive task.


A good warranty policy should cover any manufacturer defects. And since you’ll never understand what happens to your primer gun during shipping, a customer-facing warranty may be a necessary price to look for.

Most of the simpler primer guns have a minimum 1 year warranty. Some professional grade automotive primer gun and HVLP primer applicator options may provide extended warranties.

Protectants And Additives

It’s always a decent discounted price to have a few extra additives in the box. Things like nozzles, tips, and cleaning kits are area units that should normally be free. 

Since they are factory made with identical assembly, they are better designed to protect your instrument and extend its era. In addition, sudden accidents such as rust, corrosion and spray paint are well prevented with protectors.


Which PSI is recommended for primer sprayer?

If you are spraying a base coat, the PSI should be around 26-29. For a clear coat, you’ll want to extend the pressure by 2-3 PSI units for lots of atomization and higher flow.

Can you spray primer with a 1.4 tip? 

There is no fixed answer to the current question. betting on the thickness of the primer 1.4 tips may be suitable. In other cases, 1.7 or more suggestions will make a better selection.

How to thin the best primer spray gun?

To dilute a water-based foundation, you may need to add a small amount of fresh water and mix well. In the case of associated grade oil based primer, white spirit is the solution.

Customer Review

All of the above sprayers are a unit of all sensible primer gun options. Most of your customers’ feedback is positive, ranging from excellent to wonderful.

And while there is no definite answer as to which primer applicator should be the most effective, you will select the best one based on your preferences. 

As reported by $ 64,000 customers, Is the best starting line and Neiko 31216A HVLP is the best primer for flexibility too.


We simply walk you through the elaborate buying guide to go through all the most effective primer guns. Think about the scope and frequency of your paint job, trust the budget you are willing to pay for it and at this point you can see “your” correct answer.

Some fans may also be interested in constantly getting your painting results off the ground. there may be some chance on your sprayer.