How To Make Oil Based Paint Dry Faster [Best Guide]

The oil painting has been around since at least the 7th century AD. Create stunning works of art. Oil paint is applied to the layers to create the illusion of depth, but these layers can take several days or weeks to dry.

When painting with oil paint, the waiting period is extended, mainly if the artist is used to painting with acrylic or watercolor that dries faster. We will look at How To Make Oil-Based Paint Dry Faster in this article.

I have explained here How To Make Oil Based Paint Dry Faster very well. You should try out these easy methods.

Here are the methods of How To Make Oil Based Paint Dry Faster:

Use quick-drying media

  • Oil paints take days, weeks, or even months to dry completely.
  • But when using drying media, it is possible to speed up the drying time at a much faster rate.
  • But the use of any drying means is not enough.
  • There are drying safe means, while there are some that can cause serious harm to health.
  • Make sure the medium you get is safe and non-toxic. Furthermore, a suitable drying medium does not require you to use a lot, but only a certain amount will suffice.
  • And another tip is to find a bottle of the medium that works best for your paint because there are so many varieties out there.
  • An example of a suitable and more preferred medium is Liquin.

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Use thin layers:

  • Here is a simple but very effective technique to speed up the drying process.
  • Some artists like to work with thick brush strokes. While it’s perfect for other purposes, it won’t speed up the drying process any time soon.
  • It is, therefore, necessary to apply thin layers and light brushstrokes.
  • If you keep adding layer by layer, you will see that the drying time will improve immediately.

Work environment

  • The position in which it is located has a significant effect on the drying process of the paint.
  • And this is because of the temperature.
  • The heat accelerates the drying time, while the humid climate slows it down.
  • No one has control over these things. But once you know the type of climate of the place where you are, Continue to use the modified and artificial temperature to control the drying time of the art.

Surfaces should be flat before painting.

  • When painting on a rough surface, you will notice that it takes a long time to dry in some areas.
  • However, if you use a flat surface, you can distribute colors evenly. This allows the oil to harden faster. Also, a flat surface is much better when it comes to painting in layers.
  • There are many painting styles and preferences, sure. However, you may want to consider a flat surface if you wish the oil paint to dry quickly.

Background layer with acrylic paint

How To Make Oil Based Paint Dry Faster
  • You may wonder why we suggest using acrylic for a painting based solely on oil paints. Hear us
  • Acrylic paints are water-based paints. This means they have to go through the evaporation process to dry completely.
  • And because oil paints are not water-based, they dry out when they come in contact with air/oxygen. The process is called oxidation. Harden oil paints until dry.
  • And this takes much longer to dry these paints.
  • This brings us to the topic of first covering the wallpaper with acrylic paint.

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When you try this simple method, you will notice a big difference in the drying process.

Acrylic paint dries, leaving the surface stiff and absorbent. Therefore, it will accelerate the drying time of oil paints.