How To Paint Window Trim Without Tape – Easy Guide 2023

Painting windows and balcony doors without adhesive tape saves time and money, and how to paint window trim without tape. Follow this simple and easy article to discover a way to color the window border without masking tape.

Why Window Trim Without Tape?

Have you ever painted wood trim and spent hours recording just to peel off the tape and watch it come out? It’s so disappointing to sift through all your time, hard work, and money going down the drain on that kind of time-consuming project. That’s why I started looking for how to tint window trims without duct tape!

Windows Before

When we first arrived at our current home, we tended to paint associated quality wood finishes in over 4,000 units of the home area. That’s a lot of wood finishes.

So I decided to find the most effective painter’s tape, the most effective paint to cut and therefore the best brush to cut and make my life a little easier.
I found that I only found one of those 3 “best” ones that I really loved. I spent a full thirty hours painting the basement cladding myself before hiring the upstairs to be skillfully painted. The only downside was that I waited too long and when we tended to use it, it was too cold to tint the window due to condensation and drying issues.

Painting Materials

For this project you will need:

  • The best brush for window molding
  • Primer for finishes and paint of your choice
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Glass hand tool
  • Vacuum cleaner to clean

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3 Easy Steps To Paint Window Trim Without Tape

How To Paint Window Trim Without Tape

See these 3 easy steps on how to paint window trim without tape. These steps are very easy and very Important: 

Step 1: After preparing the window liner for painting, paint the liner with the primer to paint the liner. Don’t worry, you can paint directly on the background for this step. You can try to keep it as neat as possible for less work later on. Let it dry absolutely.

Step 2: Engrave your painting along the edge where the window meets the edge with your knife.

Step 3: Scrape off the dried victimization paint from the window with your glass hand tool. This can produce spotless lines!

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean any dried paint residue and voilĂ ! This methodology will take some effort, so be prepared. And since I know you will go up, the paint color I selected is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

I think this is usually the simplest white paint color for trims and doors. It is a soft white with warm undertones, and I have currently used it in 2 of my homes.

Painted Windows, After 

How To Paint Window Trim Without Tape

Seeing these beautiful white painted windows makes my heart happy. Draw attention to our beautiful courtyard and each of that gorgeous foliage. I can’t believe I waited eight months to try it!

In total, this huge window led to Maine’s time-consuming Associate Nursing (not including paint drying time) to color, scrape, and clean. If you’re doing a huge project with multiple windows, you might want to recommend getting a high-quality glass hand tool like this one.

Spending a little more on this tool can save your fingers and make life a little easier!

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Hope this article on how to paint window and door siding without masking tape was helpful! If you are extremely fascinated to see what this eating space looked like after our captivity, be sure to check out my post on remodeling the eating space.