How To Paint Wooden Venetian Blinds – Step-by-step Guide

How to paint wooden venetian blinds. The stylish wood curtain area unit is a popular choice in various homes, as it gives each a responsive and aesthetically pleasing window decoration resolution.

The most common style, wooden blinds, allows the user to control the amount of sunlight entering the space by altering the slats, which also provide the specified level of privacy. 

The slats not only have insulating properties but are also easy to maintain, easy to chew with a refill of household appliances for normal cleaning.

Of course, once the wood is washed, a definite amount of fading and marking will occur over time, and even the blind will begin to look beyond their apex. Right now. 

Some are tempted to trade the whole factor as well, however, this could be an associated grade added once you discover how simple it is to bring your blinds to life with a tactile paint.

Material Needed For Painting Blinds

  • vinyl or wooden shutters
  • Make sure your curtains are easily out of the way!
  • The cleaning service provides curtains for clothes.
  • I used dish soap, hot water, and a sponge every day.
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Falling artifacts or plastic sheeting
  • Spray paint
  • Check the will to see if it sticks to the plastic!

How To Paint Windows Blinds

Following are the details in which you will get full information about how to paint wooden Venetian blinds. Read it carefully and start applying it

Take the Blinds Down

The first step is to ask for the shutters to be lowered. Painting them while still connected is doable, but it makes the job a lot more complicated than it should be, not to mention putting your safety at risk. 

As you climb stairs and chairs everywhere to succeed at those taller slats. Some blinds can be supported on rails at the top of the frame and can simply be taken apart.

While others may need a flathead screwdriver to take out the bottom peg pins and each slat started separately.


With the curtain away from the window, this is often the perfect opportunity to introduce you to decent cleaning. 

This can not only help improve your shadow design but will also remove any dirt or grit that may have otherwise cracked the surface when painting. 

A damp cloth is ideal for this, with a wood-friendly titled upgrade merchandise associate and a toothbrush needed for more lasting stains.

Spray Paint the Blinds

You can currently paint the associated lamella appropriately brush at the appropriate size. 

Make sure it covers the entire slat as well as the perimeters, as they may still be visible once measured square or partially open. 

A second coat may also be required to meet the paint standard or required look you are looking for; Think about whether you want a matte or glossy finish. check to allow time for the curtains to dry.

Slid Slats Back Into The Strings

Make sure the paint is completely cured before putting them back on the strings. The paint should indicate how long it could take, but that’s always a few hours.

It’s a bit of an overwhelming time to push all the slats into the notches and fix them firmly. Lowering the blinds from the table is easier because there is less tension on the strings.

Reattach The Blinds

Reassemble the curtains carefully by reversing the procedure from step one. 

Please confirm that each lamella is replaced in the correct spherical way, because if you don’t try it could affect every operation and appearance. 

The ropes running through the slats may need a new knot at the bottom, which affects their length, which you may want to adjust to keep the slats level.

Test to make sure the cables are working properly and that all slats are placed on the strings at the correct angle.

Enjoy Your Newly painted Blineds

Painting curtains is so cheap and easy thanks to updating existing window curtains! Mine looks revolutionary and the US state only appreciates a few cans of spray paint!

We have many additional sets of curtains like these throughout the house and they will get a new coat of paint. Fortunately, we tend not to throw them away!