How To Remove Paint From Walls Fast – Best Guide 2021

Every homeowner has to paint and repaint at least once in their life. But to easily repaint and last longer, the walls must be completely clean and stable. This requires scraping old peels or peeling paint from the walls.

If you are wondering how to remove paint from walls fast, then you are in the right place. Because scraping paint quickly from any surface is rarely an easy task. Sometimes working through the wall manually is fun, and sometimes it requires harsh chemicals. I have shared the best tips on how to remove paint from walls fast in this article.

Here are the tips on how to remove paint from walls fast

How to remove paint from walls fast

How To Remove Paint From Walls Fast

There are many ways to scrub paint from walls quickly, and here we will discuss some of the most effective.

Scrape off the paint.

How To Remove Paint From Walls Fast

What  you need: An oscillating scraper, wire brush, or paint scraper

An easy way to remove pre-gloss or flaking paint is to remove it. Use a wire brush to remove chips and cracked paint. Next, carefully place the flat side of a sharp scraper under the paint and gently press to peel it off. To make things easier or cover larger areas, use a stirring tool with a scraper blade.

Manually scratching the entire wall of paint can be a difficult task and requires effort. If you don’t feel like working or want to speed up the process, please choose the method below.

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Use a paint stripper.

How To Remove Paint From Walls Fast

What you need: stripper, plastic sheets, kraft paper, scraper.

Using chemicals to remove paint is a good, quick, and easy way to scrape paint. This is especially good for drywall.

However, it must cover your floor. Instead of drop the cloth, use a plastic sheet as a base and then lay the kraft paper on top. This will ensure that no chemicals get on your floor.

Apply the stripper with a wide brush. Wait for the appointed time – the paint begins to bubble. When this happens, use a scraper to remove it. Starting at the bottom, push the scraper under the paint and work your way up.

When you’re done, you need to neutralize the chemicals; otherwise, the new coat of paint will come off completely. To do this, follow the instructions on the label, as they may be different for each product.

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Use sandpaper.

How To Remove Paint From Walls Fast

What you need: 40-grit sanding block or oscillating sanding tool.

Sanding is a great way to remove paint from a wall when it comes to drywall, however it can take a long time to get rid of a bit of grease and all of the paint. With that said, if you don’t intend to remove the entire layer and just want to paint over it, this is the best way to get rid of paint kicks.

Work in pieces with 40 large sanding blocks. To make things easier and faster, use a faster sanding tool.

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Choose a heat gun.

What you need: heat gun or iron, sharp scraper.

Using heat to remove paint from wooden walls is a good idea. So, grab your heating gun or iron.

You will need to work in small parts here. Apply heat a few inches from the wall, move the heat gun back and forth. Once the paint starts to bubble, take your scraper and remove the part that you have loosened. Then repeat the next part.

Wash the wall

How To Remove Paint From Walls Fast

Now that you have removed the paint, you need to make sure that no particles are left on the wall. To do this, use a soap and water solution and a washing sponge. Let it dry completely.

Clean up after

While you wait for the wall to dry, you can start cleaning. Collect the floor and furniture from the premises and remove debris. If dust has fallen on the floor, sweep it up.

And you go there! Your wall is now ready to be rebuilt and painted.