How To Remove Spray Paint From Wood Floor? [Best Guide 2021]

Do you want to know How To Remove Spray Paint From Wood Floor?  So stay connected to this article! There are a few different scenarios that may require you to remove spray paint from wood. You may have spray-painted a wooden object in your home, such as a chair, and would like to return it to its original wood finish. You may also have accidentally sprayed paint on a wooden surface. Spray paint is usually used for graffiti, and if you see graffiti on a wooden fence or shed, it should be removed right away.

I have shared here very useful tips on How To Remove Spray Paint From Wood Floor so read the full article.

Method Of How To Remove Spray Paint From Wood Floor:

You’re pretty disappointed when you discover that your floors have been hit by an accidental graffiti artist. Spray paint overspray is a common problem. So, tear up your wood floorboards in a tantrum and try one of the quick and simple removal methods.

Non-Toxic Method

Knife Tool

To begin, use a knife tool to remove as much of the spray paint as possible. Tilt the blade so that it runs parallel to your floorboards. Pro Tip: Avoid digging your blade into hardwood floors. Ugly cutouts and spray paint are not an ideal combination.

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Nylon Scrub Brush

Mix lemon juice and rubbing alcohol together and spray the stains with the mixture. Then use a nylon scrub brush or an old toothbrush to clean the stains. Have a clean cloth on hand to remove any residue.

Chemical Solvent Method

Step 1 – Commercial Removers

Consider using a commercial paint remover if that doesn’t work. You can find Goo Gone, Goof-Off, and OOPS at your local home improvement store. These products are designed to remove surface stains without damaging the surface of a wood floor.

Step 2 – Cloth or Cotton

Use a clean cloth or cotton swab to apply a small amount of paint remover to the paint stain.

Step 3 – Take Some Time

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most paint removers require prolonged soaking. After your solvent has properly penetrated the stain, use a clean cloth to remove any remaining residue. Then use a soapy cloth to wipe off any remaining solvent.

Step 4 – Try Alternative

Spray paint stain removal can also be accomplished by using denatured alcohol as a solvent. Using denatured alcohol, apply a small amount to the stain. Let it warm up and do its magic. Once the paint has absorbed the alcohol, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any loosened residue.

Step 5 – Or Take it the Hard Way

Spray paint stains can be very stubborn. Use a non-abrasive scrub brush in this instance to gently exfoliate the stain and remove it from the surface of your wood flooring.

Step 6 – If None of the Above

Apply a small amount of olive oil to the overspray on your wood floors. Allow the olive oil to penetrate the stain for at least 5 minutes. Then, scrape the paint stain off the surface with a plastic putty knife.


How do I clean painted wood floors?

  • For best results, follow these steps when cleaning painted wood floors: Dust. Vacuum or dust your painted wood floors frequently. Cleaner. Using a gentle floor cleaner or a cloth with a mixture of half water and half vinegar, wipe off any stains and stains that may have appeared on the floor. “Suck.”.

How do I remove spilled paint from hardwood floors?

  • Method 1/5: Using Soap and Water on Water-Based Paint. Check if the paint on the floor is water-based.
  • Method 2 of 5: Trying Paint Remover. Get a paint removal product. 
  • Method 3/5: Paint Removal with Denatured Alcohol. 
  • Method 4/5: Removing Paint with Cleaning Pads.
  • Method 5/5: Using Paint Thinner.

What removes paint from wood?

  • For small amounts of paint, scrape off excess paint and then use rubbing alcohol, it can be effective at removing paint from wood floors. But if there is too much paint, you may need to sand and smooth the floor.